Rachel was insightful and gave great feedback and comments that helped me to produce an even better book.  All writers need a good editor, and Rachel is better than good – she is great!

Lyle Nicholson, Fiction Writer 

“Rachel’s editing service has been exceptional, and the turnaround time has been quick for our projects – which is essential for the fast pace of our industry. Her expertise is evident, and I have no reservations recommending Rachel to other business executives and writers.”

Christine Tenove, Marketing and Communications, Lloyd Sadd Insurance Brokers Ltd.

I am very new to the world of writing and came in absolutely clueless as to how I should pursue a future in the profession, or if I even had a remote chance of one. After doing some research and Googling “editors,” I was faced with a huge array of options and people to choose from. Rachel just seemed to stand out in the crowd, and I couldn’t have chosen any better. The biggest question I had was “Will anyone understand what I am writing?” Not only did she understand, she created exactly what I was looking for in a manuscript. Thank you, Rachel. Here’s to a bright future for both of us.”

Bob Chomany, Writer

“Rachel’s talent for editing and keen attention to detail were apparent as she polished our Annual Reports. She is able to craft messages that reflect an organization’s overall vision, and I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to create professional documents for a variety of readers.”

Michelle Preston, BC PSLS Central Office

“Rachel was easy to work with and understanding of my needs. The editing she did was prompt, thorough and unobtrusive. Rachel seemed to intuitively comprehend what I was trying to achieve, and while she did not make any alterations to the story that I felt would alter or diminish the theme, her insights and recommendations helped me make vast improvements in the story’s overall clarity. I would highly recommend Rachel Small as an editor.”

Tadek Sampson, Writer

“It has been a great pleasure working with Rachel. She is professional, detail oriented, and very thorough. I would highly recommend Rachel’s proven editing services to anyone who is developing a website and would like to establish a strong web presence.”

Natasha Natasha Kutlesa, Registered Psychologist

“Rachel has a keen ability to structure and edit the written word into proper form and flow. When she polishes our communication, it always comes out just right. Her editing helps us reach a higher level of professionalism, both internally and externally.”

Derek Doke, President of Original Joe’s Franchise Group

“I highly recommend the editorial services of Rachel Small of Faultless Finish Editing. I have referred several authors to Rachel and always receive positive reports back from them of Rachel’s professionalism, reliability, and the accurate eye she brings to all of her editing.”

Susan Toy, Alberta Books Canada – Author Promotions

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