Posted by: faultlessfinish | October 2, 2014

Before the House Awakes

I learned on one of my favourite blogs that today is National Poetry Day here in the UK, so I thought I’d get into the spirit of it. Here’s a short poem I wrote the other morning. I still can’t believe my eyes when I look out the window in the morning and realize I’m in London.

“Before the House Awakes”

Flight headlights punctuate the pink and blue,
barely perceptible in the still-night sky.
Birds announce the morning’s arrival,
but it takes its sweet time now,
as Autumn is its own Master.


Namaste 🙂




  1. Oh I am so happy for you,
    But so sad for me,
    You see skies of blue and pink, in London,
    And I pine, thinking of you in wonder.

    🙂 Silly can travel though! So glad you’re staying in touch Rachel. I enjoy hearing about your experiences.

  2. Rachel, I love your wonderful poem. I am so excited for you. I will follow your adventures in London with great interest. I am headed to Paris in late December (for a wedding and a couple of weeks of je ne sais quoi!), so I think I have an idea of how you must be feeling in lovely London. Enjoy it to the max! : )

    • Thanks so much Gwen!! It’s already been such an adventure. Ah, Paris… have you been before? What a perfect place for a wedding.

  3. How are you enjoying the UK? London, and everything it is. Busy and quiet and bright.

    I’m heading back to Wembley next week for the football. Hopefully meeting up with some old friends while I’m there.


    • Hi Jim! I’m embarrassed to admit I had no idea the NFL was a thing here. I had resigned myself to learning all I could about football, UK style. I’m absolutely loving London and feeling at home – have a few day-trip excursions planned out of the city this month.

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