Posted by: faultlessfinish | September 25, 2014


She had nothing to which she could listen except her own heart, and that’s more than okay for now, she decided.

So here I am in London. While my mind remains consumed with the surreality of it all, my feet are firmly grounded. I’m “home” for the time being, content in my decision to be in this space at this time.

My new neighbourhood, Putney, is like “the Mission of London” (thanks, Mom), full of coffee shops, pubs, restaurants, markets, and stores of all kinds. You Calgarians will know what I mean. Putney is everything I could have hoped my new home to be – charming, old yet modern, and vibrant, with Tube stations and the Thames no less. The interior of my flat is shockingly modern looking, especially in contrast to the building’s old brick exterior, and comes complete with a loft, in which I’ve set up a perfect work space for editing and writing.

Living with three Aussies, I’m sure to pick up some interesting Brit-Aussie hybrid phrases, and am already being mercilessly teased for my very Canadian accent. We really do say “eh” more than we realize . . .

I’m looking forward to a weekend of getting out past Putney and exploring more of this seemingly never-ending city.

Until next time,
Namaste 🙂


Street view


  1. Perfect Rach! So happy (and ever so slightly jealous) for you!

  2. Good for you! Have fun!!!

  3. So glad you like your new home! I think I might have to come over and investigate. It was great to see you at the airport! Take Care Luv Momma T

  4. Thanks ladies! And yes, Momma T, get your butt over here, and bring that daughter of yours too 😉

  5. You’re going to love it over there

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