Posted by: faultlessfinish | January 29, 2014

Ink Blotches

When it comes to keeping track of my schedule, only old school will do. I like to see my week at a glance in hard copy, in blue ink. And it has to be perfectly neat and orderly and organized. Hey, I’m an editor. This should come as no surprise.

Due to my rather *ahem* obsessive tendencies, my day planner is full of Wite-Out, signalling changes in plans. This week has been a particularly unpredictable one, so the page is littered with corrections.

There are only so many times you can try to hide a mistake before you need to admit that it’s there and start fresh on a new line.

“Ink Blotches”

Big white blots and smooth sweeps

consume the ink-blotched page

Either way the cover-up conceals not

the fact of the error,

for it will always exist in that space.

Pen is (relatively) permanent,

but there is always a blank white space somewhere,

somewhere to make the correction

New words, not a cover-up.

Namaste 🙂




  1. Scheduling is so vital when for those who work independently much of the time like you and me. I recently was advised with some great strategies to keep everything in perspective and prioritized. By keeping a physical list that’s always in sight, and not just one to-do list. But a monthly, weekly, and daily list it enables me to keep that deep-seated anxiety at bay, because I can see exactly what’s coming up and what demands immidiate attention as well. You’re on point though. While I do use Evernote, Wunderlist, & iCloud calender I still find having a tangible list more effective than anything else. Good post!

  2. Thanks Jeremy! Yes, I definitely find I’m less anxious when I can see the big picture and then hone in on what’s most important on a particular day.

  3. I have an A4 year planner with circles and scribbles and lists in the margins. I am chaos, walking the earth. ready to confuse the pattern at a moments notice. 🙂

    I like the idea of white space, just a thin lace curtain holding back all the penmarks, Life is full of these coverings, in our mind we slide them under the carpet as well don’t we.


    • We certainly do!

      Perhaps I need to adopt some of your “chaos” in my life 😉

  4. […] provides little nuggets of advice that reflect her experiences. In her latest post, “Ink Blotches“, she writes about using her diary to stay […]

  5. I’ve a whiff of OCD myself, observable in some of the small rituals in my life, so I’ve got sympathy for you. Mind I love old fashioned pens

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