Posted by: faultlessfinish | December 3, 2013

Return of the Muse

It’s hard to believe it’s been four months since I’ve posted here. I’ve just returned to Canada after a month-long vacation in Europe. That continent definitely hasn’t seen the last of me! But more on that later.

Travelling always teaches you a few things, but I couldn’t have prepared myself for all the lessons that came my way – some good, some bad, some downright ugly in terms of insights into self, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. One of the most positive things I gleaned from the trip was the return of my muse. I couldn’t wait to get writing again.

Over the last few weeks, it became clear to me, through the help of one of the best friends I could ever ask for, that the main reason I had to abandon my “inspirational” blog temporarily was because I was no longer inspiring myself. Inspiration most certainly can’t be forced, and it’s OK to have “off” weeks or months, but it’s so important to understand why you’re feeling uninspired. Are the factors internal? External? Can you do something about it?

Getting caught in the grind of the mundane was my silent killer. I stopped appreciating the little moments and allowed almost no time for spiritual and personal growth in my life. My month away snapped me out of my haze. It reminded me of the importance of shaking things up once in a while, of reconnecting with your passions, of meeting new people,ย of having thought-provoking conversations and truly connecting on a human level. And it reminded me to be so grateful for the life I’ve been given.

While it’s always a bit sad coming back home after a whirlwind trip, I’m excited to implement some healthy changes (more time for writing, more yoga, more work-life balance).

What about you? What inspires you enough to shake you out of a slump?

Sunset over Athens

Sunset over Athens


Namaste ๐Ÿ™‚



  1. Welcome back Rachel…balance, breathe, believe and enjoy being you WI:ND

  2. Missed your writings! Athens/Greece was my first trip abroad when I was 27….by myself although friends joined me for parts of the 3 months. Good to know you are home safe and sound. Been a year since we were all together briefly.

    • Nice to hear from you! It was an incredible trip. I hope we can all get together again soon. I miss those family times.

  3. I have shivers. I am so happy you guys had such a blast, and that you were able to gain so much insight. You really learn who exactly you are, and what brings you joy while travelling. Good on you for listening to those voices!

    • Thanks Chels! You are such a huge inspiration to me ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Good that you have found yourself and your muse (one and the same perhaps) Hope the trip was fantastic.

    For me, inspiration is the world around me, people, places, the small details of a street or a mountain. A conversation overheard or the weather doing something amazing.

    I do also have many slumps, but I try to let them sit. And use the time to watch time passing. It helps me.


    • That’s beautiful, Jim. We truly can find inspiration in the small things when we open our eyes. And sometimes, it’s fine to just sit and observe and wait.

  5. Welcome back! Glad you had a great trip. I was wondering where you were.

    Yes indeed, sometimes we all need a shake-up in order to refresh ourselves and revive our inspirations . For me, connecting to nature – taking a hike, swimming in the sea, sitting on a quiet beach, soaking in a hot pool, petting my cat or even a smile from a stranger, an impromptu conversation or spontaneous laughter – those are the kind of things that I require for renewing my sense of inspiration when I am faced with the doldrums.

    You go, girl!

    • Thanks Gwen!! Yes, connecting with nature is so important for me too. A bit too cold to spend any long periods of time outside right now, but a trip to the mountains is in order soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Lovely to see another post from you here. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip to Europe. I have a friend who lives in Toronto and the temperature extremes between summer and winter seem so brutal I do not know how I would survive them. As to what keeps me happy. We it’s deep in winter here, but if you look carefully, you can still spot the bushes where next years buds are plump and ready for the sunshine, and I think, “Yes, even in the darkest moments, something is refreshing us. It works for me

    • Thanks Peter ๐Ÿ™‚ I grew up in one of the coldest provinces in Canada, so I’m fairly accustomed to the weather, but it was definitely a bit shocking coming home to a snowstorm after the milder weather in Europe. Thanks for your inspiration!

  7. Hope you had a lovely trip! Hopefully next time we can hang-out! x

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