Posted by: faultlessfinish | August 13, 2013

Words in White Spaces

I have officially launched my new blog, Words in White Spaces! I will still be blogging here, but the new space is just for poetry. I hope to see you there!

Namaste 🙂



  1. That’s great Rachel! But I could not find any subscription box. 😦

  2. Added to ze blogroll

  3. Rachel, I think it’s wonderful that you are doing a blog just for poetry. Poets are the hardest working and least appreciated in the Universe, and the most poorly paid.

    One of my favorite Poets is Saint Kabir from Ancient Indian. I wish you wonderful words in white spaces.


    • Why thank you, Lyle! I’ll have to check out Saint Kabir’s work.

      Do you write any poetry?

      • Hi Rachel;

        No I’ve never written poetry. I think I tried once, and I ended up with some silly rhyming slang.

        My other favorite Poet is Leonard Cohen. His Famous Blue Rain Coat album is his poetry set to music.

        Maybe, one day, we’ll hear the words of Rachel Small set to music! Now, that would be nice.

      • Haha I write lyrics and play piano but I’ve never been able to combine the two! Hopefully one day.

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