Posted by: faultlessfinish | April 8, 2013

Dirty Windows

I love being on the road. Summer road trips with friends? Best vacation imaginable. For me though, nothing compares to the road in solitude. Even as a child, I was a happy passenger, content to just stare out the window, immersed in thought and music for hours.

This past weekend I had the chance to do just that. I’ve been thinking about a particular situation for a while, yet nothing external about it has changed. And on the road, as the wheels rumbled, the reality became clear: whether I feel good or bad, happy or sad about it on any given day depends almost exclusively on my thoughts.

It is what it is, right now, today. Can you choose to accept this moment for what it is?


“Dirty Windows”

Dirty windows to see the world through

Desolate trees in view, desperate for spring

I sit in silence, in thought.

The floor rumbles as wheels turn and

Yellow lines speed past

In contrast to my still reflection

A heaviness at the hopelessness

But spring is on the way

And I realize, it’s all within:

The spring, the winter

It’s all within.

The sun peeks through my dirty mind.

Clearing my eyes, through which I see the world.


Song of the week:

“Drone (in G# Major) – The Black Angels

Namaste 🙂


Window Sunset


  1. Love the poem – especially the last two lines. You are so right. It is all in the perception, and we would do well to remember that as we impatiently wait for (metaphorical or literal) spring.

  2. The last two lines.. Beautified the whole poem! 🙂

  3. What you say about ruminating in the car when travelling as a passenger certainly rings a bell with me. The sense of solitude and the changing view are a powerful combination. The poem bought the whole thing to life of course. The sun peering through a dirty mind. Excellent

  4. Thanks Peter! The road is definitely a muse for me.

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