Posted by: faultlessfinish | April 1, 2013

Feverish Spring

“She turned to the sunlight, And shook her yellow head, And whispered to her neighbor: ‘Winter is dead.’ – A.A. Milne

Could be the official arrival of spring, or maybe the full moon – for whatever reason, last week I felt as if I had ants in my pants (and yes, I was ready to dance). Bad jokes aside, I was bursting with energy, both excited and anxious. Even irritable, despite the warm weather.

Despite all the pleasant images that spring evokes, it can also be a time of pressure – pressure to get things done before summer vacations, to get back in shape and start new projects after a dormant winter, to start fresh and make big changes. It can bring about bursts of energy that can inspire but also overwhelm.

I’ve found that to alleviate this pressure and take back control of my life, I need to get out and exercise more to release this extra energy and then do the opposite and take extra time to find calm through meditation and yoga. I need to write more, to make sure that any inspiration floating around in my head finds a grounded place. And I also need to constantly remind myself to stay present. When the weather turns and all I want is to be outside, I find it much easier to daydream and not take action.

Does the changing season affect you? In what ways and how do you make the transition?

Wishing you all a beautiful spring!


“Feverish Spring”

Early morning walking by the light of the moon

Streets are empty, I’m awake

Wonder why

Driven by an absence

Starbucks is empty: one grande Americano

And I’m out the door. Nothing else is open

So I think of sleep, comfort, return home

But the early spring air has woken my senses.

I sit by the light of the moon

See a tree,

Its black limbs silhouetted against a purple sky

Spring has arrived, bringing warmth, and joy

And anxiousness

A desire to burst at the seams, but ripped clothes aren’t useful

The energy needs an outlet, purposeful


Driven by something tangible.

One day at a time, reborn.


Songs of the week:

“Left and Leaving” – The Weakerthans

“Taro” – Alt-J


Namaste 🙂


YYC Spring


  1. Great poem Rach! Great post! Have a lovely day beautiful!

  2. Love the poem, Rachel. As for spring affecting me, well, yes, it makes me want to catch up on things that I have been procrastinating on (3 chairs fixed), go shopping (crazy idea for me) and wax my car, I have managed to put off the last one, as I convinced myself it is still too early! Soon the ice will also be off the lakes and it will be fishing time. Okay, maybe not that soon.

    • Thanks Ivan! Hope you get to go fishing soon.

  3. Spring raises hopes of summer here in England, the land of optimists. I like the early flowers, the Wild Garlic that will soon fill some shady places in our woods, along with Bluebells and others.

    Nice poem, I like the idea of wandering a silent yet to wake world. Been there many times getting the chance to think.


    • Thanks Jim – your poems have definitely been an inspiration for me.

  4. Lovely Poem. Hope you have a beautiful Spring too

  5. Spring finally arrived here yesterday in southern England, and I read your post thinking how appropriate and enlivening it was! The phrase about “energy needs an outlet, purposeful” resonates strongly. Thank you for this.

    • Thank you so much for your comment – I really appreciate it 🙂

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