Posted by: faultlessfinish | March 4, 2013

The Pressure Cooker

Write the spaces, the silences within, 
that speak the loud, louder, loudest of them all.

My post is late this week and I have many excuses.

I usually write a draft on Fridays, but last week I was out of town visiting friends. While on the most-enjoyable twelve-hour bus ride home (ugh), I tried brainstorming ideas but just couldn’t focus. Crowded, smelly buses and no sleep will do that to your concentration and creativity. Once back home, as my Sunday-night deadline loomed, I panicked and just blew off writing completely.

In the light of the morning, with a clear head, I realized just how much pressure I’ve been putting on myself to post regularly every week. I’m of the mindset that consistency is key with blogging (and many other things), but sometimes it’s necessary to take a step back and evaluate why exactly you’re doing what you’re doing in the first place.

I blog to connect with friends, writers, interesting people I may never meet, to share my thoughts, and to hopefully inspire on some level. In short, blogging should not be an anxiety-ridden endeavour. My deadlines are self-imposed. The world will not stop turning if I post a few hours or, heaven forbid, a few days late. I forced myself to publish this later than I would have liked just to prove this to myself.

A wonderful writer friend of mine reminded me of the need to stress less in his latest post:

There’s no getting around it: things need to get done. Bills need to be paid, deadlines met. So in all the chaos of daily life, where can you take the pressure off yourself? Has something you used to consider fun become a chore? Can you bring the life back into it?

Song of the week: “Speed the Collapse” – Metric

Namaste 🙂


City of Bridges


  1. Thank You Rachel, it amazes me how easily we are overcome by stress, and how wonderful it is to find our calm by simply stepping back and breathing. WI:)ND A smile in the wind for you today.

  2. I liked the heading of your post! 😀

  3. Thanks Chetan! 🙂

  4. Writing is a chore if I am struggling with insipid inspiration. No ideas kills me, and I write crap, hate myself for it, hate the fact that I don’t stick to my supposed schedule. You know, I try to let it go and relax, to catch the muse on her way past.

    At the moment, I can’t do the physical work I am used to doing, so my admin, is being stretched to breaking point. I’m ironing things to take the load in otherways, it’s just not the same.

    I go for a walk to stretch out, and find this the only way of really burning the nervous energy at the moment.


  5. I hope you can get back to your old routine soon, Jim! The muse can be slippery. Sometimes we just need to let her go and have confidence she’ll return in her own good time.

  6. Hi – Just found your blog from Tiny Buddha. I’ve just been eagerly reading your posts from the start of 2013 – love your writing style and the focus on balancing life’s day to day activities with important goals. Thank you !

  7. Thank you so much – that means a lot to me! 🙂

  8. I think we all go through a bit of that, but I keep coming because I enjoy your posts, whether they are regular or not

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