Posted by: faultlessfinish | February 25, 2013

For the Love of Coffee

“Coffee is a language in itself.” – Jackie Chan

Yes, I quoted Jackie Chan. And yes, I’m going to write a blog about coffee because I adore it. In university, coffee drinking became a ritual. I couldn’t wait for my first class of the day, when I could sit down with a steaming-hot cup of Tim’s – just the smell set my day off on the right foot.

I’ve never actually needed it to wake up (I’ve done little experiments to test this), but I would certainly consider myself addicted. While waiting for a pot to brew the other morning, I sat at my kitchen table with a notebook and pen and started really considering this coffee-drinking habit of mine. It has become a security blanket, a comfort – something that perhaps I would be better off without but can’t let go of, I thought. Ah, now we’re getting somewhere.

I started thinking about all the things in my life that I would be better off without but that help me feel “safe,” e.g., attachment to the past and self-limiting beliefs. It’s so easy to fall into the false comfort of these security blankets, because I’ve lived with them for so long. Giving them up would mean a leap into the unknown, a world *gasp* without coffee.

My analogy is extreme. I have no intention of giving up coffee (besides, hasn’t it been proven that there are health benefits?), but I do intend do move forward with an awareness of the “comforts” in my life that are preventing me from living my best life.

So what’s your morning coffee? Can you try going without it?

“Morning Coffee”

Dark morning

coffee drips dreary

One drop at a time.

Waiting for the one to taste

its bitterness

To free it from the confines

of the cup.

I am like the morning cup of coffee, my dear

Waiting for the false freedom.

Smell so sweet,

Go down so bitter.

I cannot be confined

any longer.

Need to be without

Or nowhere near at all.

Song of the week: “Freedom at 21” – Jack White

Namaste 🙂




  1. I’ve read the post and now I’m off to make a cup. Are addictions catching ?

    • Haha let’s hope not 😉 Thanks for reading!

  2. After I had my total colectomy back in 1999, they told me that coffee would make me feel sick. So, this coffee addict drank tea for the next 6 long unsatisfying years. Then I tried a cup one day again. It was glorious, as I found the thing I loved to drink did not make me sick. Now I just drink it constantly, with the occasional tea mixed in. But I like mine the non-bitter variety, sugar and cream.

    • That’s good news! Tea just doesn’t cut it sometimes.

  3. Didn’t we meet for the first time in a coffee shop?

  4. Strong with cold milk. In an Italian espresso stove top pot. Couldn’t live without the coffee. I’m just finishing mine, before I head to the physio for some smiling pain provision. Then home for a recovery cup.

    The punctuation of my daily life is coffee.


  5. “The punctuation of my daily life is coffee” – love it! Perfect description. I hope all goes well with the physio, Jim.

  6. I don’t like to drink coffee at home alone, but love to go out with my husband or with friends on coffee row. When my daughters come to visit we celebrate the occasion with “Irish Cream” in our morning coffee.

    • Ah, my favourite way to drink my morning coffee 😉

  7. That reminds me…it’s about time for my second cup of joe.

  8. Mmm, enjoy! 😉

  9. Great post! 🙂
    And I must admit, I’ve never heard a single quote from Jackie Chan. Wonderful grab!

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