Posted by: faultlessfinish | November 19, 2012

Self-love Affair

“Don’t just do something – sit there!” – Unknown

Three years ago, I started doing yoga to escape. My head wasn’t quite right at the time, and I craved that hour a few evenings a week where I had an excuse to zone out.

After a few months, I started to notice a physical change – I felt stronger, healthier, more energetic. Most importantly though, I noticed a mental/emotional change. Stuff started bothering me less. I learned how to control stress, anxiety, and panic. I started smiling more. Regardless of the day I was having, I always left class feeling lighter, both physically and mentally.

My practice eventually evolved into a more spiritual one – I began setting intentions and delving deeper into meditation. And now, rather than an escape, it is my sanctuary: a time when I can be fully present with myself.

And in spite of all this, it’s still the first thing on my daily task list to get the axe when I’m busy. What’s up with that? Why does personal well-being always end up so low on the priority list?

I know I’m not the only one who struggles to put myself first. Well guess what? You deserve to be happy. You deserve the utmost care and attention.

Because I’ve watched yoga slip further and further down on my priority list over the past few months, I took on a 35-day challenge this month (at the wonderful Yoga Santosha). I’m already blown away by the positive effects of practicing on a regular basis (six days a week). One hour a day. That’s it.

The real challenge is not the yoga itself though, but the commitment to myself and my well-being.

This post isn’t just for the yogis out there. What gets your head right? Can you devote an hour a day to it? You deserve it. Show yourself some love baby!

Song of the week: “Breathing Underwater” – Metric

Namaste 🙂



  1. Very impressive goal that. I’ve not wobbled around on a Yoga mat myself, but I’m sure it would be very beneficial if I did

    • It is definitely very beneficial! It took me awhile to get into the rhythm of it, but it was worth it. Thanks for reading!

  2. What a wonderful breath of fresh air Rachel, your peace of mind, isn’t just a piece of living, it is the whole part of simply being. 🙂

    • Thanks, as always, for your inspiration, BawB!

  3. I’ve thought about doing Yoga for a little help physically… Writing involves a lot of stationary time hunched over at my desk everyday. This post increases my curiosity. Do you just do Yoga at home, or do you go to a class or something like that?

    • I also spend several hours a day hunched at my computer – yoga is a fantastic reprieve. I’ve tried doing yoga at home, but I much prefer the class setting. I like having someone else guiding me so I don’t have to worry about how long to hold a posture. I also find it easier to let go of distractions when I’m not at home. That being said, some people really love practicing at home. You may want to try taking a few introductory classes and then give it a try at home to compare the experiences. Thanks for reading!

  4. As this weekend proved, a walk in the countryside does it for me. High or low, to look over the edge of a cliff, to sit and eat lunch alone in the woods. Yes, it’s what I need.


  5. xo to you.

  6. Ah, the notorious other stuff more important issues. Well, you cannot take care of other things until you are taken care of. So, you better take care if yourself, Rachel, otherwise I will show up and do it for you! 😐 🙂

  7. Rachel,

    Thank you for this post.

    I think that this is a very important issue to address. More than that, I think that it is a very complicated issue. There are so many exits from life, be it yoga, alcohol, drugs, etc.Still, how often do we choose to focus on ourselves in expense of the life we are leading? Are they one in the same (ourselves and our lives)?

    You mentioned being fully present with yourself. What does mean? How can one be with oneself? Are we not always present with the one we are? How is one ever away from oneself?

    Anyway, thank you, again, for bring this to light.



  8. Aly!

    Thanks so much for your thoughts. Very good point – there is definitely a difference between focusing on our well-being and focusing on our immediate interests in the pursuit of pleasure.

    The idea of being fully present with yourself is still one I’m wrapping my head around through meditation. To me, it means being fully present in the moment and taking time to truly listen to yourself. How often are we thinking about the past or the future? How often do we ask ourselves, “What do I need in this very moment? Where am I at, physically, mentally, emotionally?” There have been times in my life when I’ve actively run away from my thoughts because I don’t want to deal with them.

    I would love to hear more from you on this. 🙂


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