Posted by: faultlessfinish | July 23, 2012

Only for a Day

It’s always my goal to live in the moment, and it’s widely accepted that living in the moment makes for a more peaceful, less stressful life. But what does living in the moment even mean? Is this just some sort of new age mumbo jumbo?

It’s unrealistic to expect to live each day constantly mindful of the here and now, but it all starts with keeping things in perspective. I was chatting with a very wise uncle of mine who is also a savvy businessman the other week. I told him that despite how much I love working as a freelancer, there are some days when the stress and pressure starts to build to a point where I wonder if it’s what I should be doing. I start focusing too much on where I want to be and neglect what I need to be doing right now, a recipe for stress.

His advice was simple and brilliant: “Ask yourself if you can keep doing what you’re doing for one more day. Just one more day. If you can, then do it. A day is just a day. Simple. And then ask yourself again the next day. If the answer is ‘no,’ keep doing it, because sometimes you’ve just hit a wall. Don’t just give up. Building something great takes time and effort. But if the answer is ‘no’ too many days in a row, be it 30 or 365, then it’s time to reassess.”

Thinking about attaining a massive goal or project can be overwhelming. But all you have is right now – can you work towards it for one more day? Can you take a small step in the right direction towards your goal today?

Set big goals, but focus on today. Keep it simple, keep it in the moment. Move forward, one day at a time.

Song of the week:  “There’s No Leaving Now” – Tallest Man On Earth

Namaste :)



  1. Yes… i can keep doing what I do, as long as you keep making it better by doing such a wonderful job at doing what you do. 🙂

    • Aww thanks BawB!! 🙂 Very much looking forward to seeing your finished book!

  2. Sounds like someone might need a holiday 🙂 There’s nothing better than a vacation to refresh. I think of it as a reward for working towards the goals you have set out. I actually set mini rewards – daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Keep at it – the world needs gifted editors!

    • Haha, I guess it does kind of sound that way! I’m not at stressed out as this post seems to imply 😉

      Mini rewards/vacations are a great idea! What are some of the daily and weekly rewards you give yourself?

      Thanks for reading and for your kind words!

  3. I couldn’t agree more. We have to be no more afraid of making a change when the answer is no too often, than we are afraid of asking the question.

    • Great point, Rose. Sometimes just asking ourselves the question and opening ourselves up to change is the hardest part.

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