Posted by: faultlessfinish | April 30, 2012

More Goal Talk

“The more intensely we feel about an idea or a goal, the more assuredly the idea, buried deep in our subconscious, will direct us along the path to its fulfillment.” – Earl Nightingale

Ah, here we go again with the goal talk, you must be thinking. I know, I know – I’ve written about goals numerous times. But they’re important. And I have something new to say. So listen up! 🙂

My goal this week was to approach goals mindfully – “mindfully” being the key word here. At the beginning of every month, I set goals in the following five categories: financial, health, spiritual, personal, and business. Then every morning, before I do anything else, I read these goals and do my best to internalize them. I’ve done this since I started freelancing. The more we repeat a goal in our minds, the more likely we are to naturally fulfill it.

But lately I’ve noticed it’s become very much a part of my routine that I don’t give any thought to. I read the goals quickly while eating breakfast and while thinking about everything I need to do that day. By the end of the month, I’ve read the goals so many times that I almost have them memorized, so I’m REALLY not thinking about them.

But this defeats the whole purpose. As the quotation states, we need to be intense about our goals. For me, they have become a road map for my entire life, and I would feel lost without them. As a relatively new business owner, if I didn’t have a plan for where my business was headed, I would let myself slack on business development and marketing.

Even my yoga teachers encourage goal setting. At the start of every class, they urge us to set an intention and to perhaps have the same intention for the entire month so we can see how it is manifesting in our lives. And let me tell you, when my intention was to cultivate inner peace and contentment, I was able to let things slide off my back much more easily that month.

Sticking to goals isn’t easy, but the hardest part is just getting something on paper. Spend the time, figure out where you want to go. It’s worth it, I’m telling you.

This week’s goal: Take time in nature every day.

Song of the week: “Michicant” – Bon Iver



  1. If one of your goals is to be good at what you do, You have certainly achieved that… Now on to the next 🙂

  2. Great post! Stating goals revolutionized my life as well.

  3. great post..reminding of our set goals…

  4. […] 3) Repeat, repeat, repeat. I read my monthly goals every single weekday morning. This constant repetition helps keep them at the forefront of my mind and helps me focus my energy for the day. See my post on this topic: […]

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