Posted by: faultlessfinish | May 16, 2011

March to Your Own Beat

A certain amount of constructive criticism is necessary to grow a business or fully explore self-development. There will always be people out there with more knowledge and experience who can help guide and teach, and it’s important to be open to what others have to say. It’s also important to be aware of the spirit in which the criticism is intended. For the most part, people just want to help and truly mean no harm. That being said, a little criticism, and even praise, can be a dangerous thing.

Ever had one of those days where you’re flying high? All’s right with the world and nothing can bring you down. Then, out of nowhere, a friend makes an offhand remark about something negative another friend said about you. Bam! Your day is ruined. You can’t get that comment out of your head. It’s in your mind while you work, eating away at you. We are our own worst critics, so internalizing what others say about us is not a difficult task.

Having a strong sense of self and your goals is vital to achieving a vision. If the most successful people in the world had let the negative comments of others affect them, they wouldn’t be successful people. Even more dangerous than the negative comments, however, are the ones that cause you to doubt your vision. Maybe someone truly believes in you but makes a comment such as, “Wow, I think it’s terrific you started your own business. I could never do that – I couldn’t handle not having benefits or a steady paycheque.” While this is a seemingly innocent statement, if you are not fully confident in your decision to start your own business, this could be the first crack in the foundation of your work. So take the comment for what it’s worth and let it go.

It can also be dangerous to get too caught up in the good things people say about you, as this can cause a sense of reliance on the acceptance of others. File the good things people say about you away and revisit them from time to time for a boost (or for business testimonials) but don’t allow yourself to be consumed by them. Instead, smile, thank them for the compliment, bask in that great feeling for a bit (because you rock!), and then continue with your day.

My business mentor recently told me to take on the attitude of a celebrity who refuses to read the tabloids. Why should it matter what people are saying about you? If you are good at what you do, work hard at it, and have confidence in your abilities, it absolutely should not matter.

Cultivate that inner confidence and live life the way you want it. March to your own beat – despite what anyone else thinks. In the end, it’s your life. Do what you love.

Namaste 🙂


  1. Thanks for this, Rachel. Very good advice, and wise, too. I have spent a lifetime trying to ignore the naysayers as I dance to my own tune. As long as you’re mindful of what you’re doing is right for you then you should be okay. Still, though, people don’t have a clue as to how much an innocent comment can hurt, and fester, and cause doubt. Wish that everyone would learn to be mindful.

  2. Such a timely post Rachel, thank you for writing this!

  3. Thank you for reading!

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