Posted by: faultlessfinish | January 17, 2011

Riding the Rushing Tidal Wave

A few months ago, I wrote a post called “Riding the Slow Wave.” I took my deep breaths, did my downward dogs, focused my attention on marketing, and tried to have faith that the work would come. And it did. Oh boy did it ever.

Life has a funny sense of humour though. Have you ever noticed how in restaurants, people tend to come in all at once, sit in the same area (even if there is tons of space on the other side of the restaurant and one server is running her butt off and the other is twiddling her thumbs asking the other server what she can do to help!) and then leave all at once? Maybe I’ve just noticed this because of my years in the service industry, but this principle seems to hold true for other aspects of life as well. One great song comes on the radio and then the rest of your favourites play right after. On the flip side, you might listen to the radio for hours and not hear a single song you like.

And then of course there’s work. Your inbox is menacingly quiet, but it’s just the calm before the storm. The moment one email arrives that confirms work, several more follow. So what’s my point here? As a freelancer, the rollercoaster of work is inevitable. During slow times, it’s vital to save money, continue looking for work, and enjoy the time to breathe. This free time should be treasured – I work for freedom more than for money and these breaks keep me motivated. Then when the work finally arrives, which it will when you have true confidence in yourself and your business, buckle down and do what you do best.

If you love what you do, you won’t begrudge the long hours. Ride that rushing wave and then get back on the beach and enjoy some peace.

Namaste 🙂


  1. I love the statement you made “I work for freedom more than for money”.

    I left my corporate job a little over a week ago to continue in a part time business I had started five years ago. I now have freedom. It is a little scary but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The very thought of going back is not an option!!

    It is difficult to decide what to do with the freedom and to hold yourself accountable. A little fear is a healthy thing to have. Fear will propel you forward.

  2. Congratulations on leaving your corporate job, Randall! It’s definitely scary, and a move that takes you out of your comfort zone. I feel exactly the same, though. I could never go back – I’ve never been happier working for myself. Holding yourself accountable is extremely important, and you’re right, healthy fear is necessary, as long as it doesn’t take over. I think confidence in your abilities and your decision to run your own business is one of the most important qualities to possess when venturing out on your own.

    There are still some mornings when I wake up and wonder, “Can I do this?” Then I shove the thought aside because I know it’s counterproductive.

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