Posted by: faultlessfinish | January 10, 2011

Show Me a Little Respect

It’s difficult to understand the true value of respect until you’ve been treated with disrespect. This past year, I’ve come to realize just how important respect is in relationships, including work ones. I have seen several friends treated with utter disrespect in their workplaces, and it is extremely frustrating to watch. “That’s why I work for myself,” I started thinking one day. “I could never work for someone I didn’t respect.”

But that prompted me to start examining my situation a little more closely: “Do I respect my employer???” My trusty Oxford Canadian Dictionary (yep, I’m a word nerd) defines respect as “deferential esteem felt or shown towards a person, thing, or quality.” There are several ways to show yourself respect and at the same time maximize your productivity: get enough sleep at night, eat well, exercise, forgive yourself when you make a mistake, strive to put your best work forward every single time, have confidence in your skills and talents, and above all, be nice to yourself.

You may not have to love your boss if you aren’t a freelancer, but if you’re working for yourself it’s absolutely necessary (although it’s still something I’m working on every day). I am extremely claustrophobic –  just the thought of small spaces sends me into a tailspin. I even have a recurring nightmare about being trapped in a small room. I didn’t think I could ever fear anything more than this. Since becoming a freelancer editor, however, my biggest fear is failure.

I need to constantly remind myself that as long as I’m treating myself, the people in my life, and my business with the proper respect, I will never be a failure. Certain goals might not be reached and situations won’t always work out as planned, but I’ve truly come to realize that success is internal. How you feel about yourself directly affects the rest of your life.

So c’mon, show a little respect!!

Happy freelancing 🙂


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