Posted by: faultlessfinish | December 6, 2010

From Far and Wide

Last week, a friend and I made the beautiful drive from Calgary to Vancouver. Although most people would cringe at the thought of spending over 20 hours in a car, I found the trip truly inspiring. I’ve always loved road trips – just ask my parents. Even as a child, I could sit and listen to music for hours in the car and be content.

While making this drive and taking in the beauty of the mountains, I began to think about the flexibility of freelance editing. Essentially, I could live and work anywhere in the world without ever needing to meet with people face to face. The thought of living a simple life in the mountains is very appealing. I could also pick up my laptop and move across the world and not have to answer to anyone. However, that being said, this may not be the smartest career move.

Despite the freedom a freelance career provides, it is still vital to build networks, as I’ve mentioned in earlier posts. And while online networking is great, nothings beats meeting fellow editors and clients face to face. Strong relationships are difficult to build if you are constantly moving.

It’s important to establish a home base for your business. Once you have a strong network in place, travel, learn, and explore. Take advantage of the flexibility that working for yourself provides and work in different locations – I tend to work more productively and efficiently when inspired by a change of scenery. And then enjoy coming home and spending time with others in your industry who can support you.

O Canada! Happy Freelancing!

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