Posted by: faultlessfinish | November 22, 2010

Riding the Slow Wave

When I was a student, a week with no work sounded like a dream come true. Now when I face a week without work, it is difficult not to run around in a panic and completely abandon everything my yoga instructors have taught me about cultivating inner peace. And when I say run around, I mean sit at my desk and stare at my silent inbox while pulling my hair out.

As a business owner, however, I know that these slow times are inevitable and it is vital to know how to ride them out effectively. This weekend was truly inspiring; I had the opportunity to meet with several successful editors who were in town for the Editors’ Association of Canada quarterly meeting. Many of them agreed that even when you are not editing, you may still be working. Any time spent thinking about a project can be considered work. And as a freelancer, you are always thinking of ways to improve and grow your business. The same is true for any company.

They also all agreed that it is imperative to work on marketing in the slow times. Even if you are not seeing the effects of your efforts immediately, any time spent on expanding your business will yield results in the long run. The Slight Edge, by Jeff Olson, is one of the most valuable books I read when I was first considering starting my own business. The author talks about how our society is so impatient; we want to see rewards for our efforts immediately, but the key to success is putting in a consistent effort over time.

So take a deep breath, do a downward dog, and do what you can. The work will come.

Stay warm! 🙂

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