Posted by: faultlessfinish | October 4, 2010

Simple Marketing Tips

When I first started thinking about quitting my job at the publishing house to go freelance, I was extremely daunted by the thought of marketing myself. I wondered, “Should I go back to school and take some marketing classes? Should I hire someone to help me write a business plan?”

Because I had little time and money for extravagant marketing, I started small. I’ve found that throughout the past few months, these small efforts have paid off. Here’s my list of simple marketing techniques.

1) Print business cards and hand them out shamelessly. Whenever anyone asks me what I do, I explain and then hand them a business card. It felt weird at first, but if you don’t promote yourself as a freelancer, who will? Carry them in your wallet at all times.

2) Post ads in local newspapers. I pay $22 to have my ad run in FFWD, a local paper in Calgary, for two weeks of the month. People who read this paper every week will see my ad on a consistent basis – repetition is key!

3) Post online profiles on various association websites. I pay just over $200 a year to have my profile displayed on the Calgary Association of Freelance Editors website and the Editors’ Association of Canada website. Several clients have found me this way – it has been well worth the money.

4) Go to as many events in your field as possible and meet people for coffee. I have made so many valuable contacts  just by being social. And it’s nice knowing people in your field, especially as a freelancer. As I’ve mentioned, it can get lonely!

5) Use social media. I have found so many resources through Twitter, and LinkedIn is a great way to get in touch with other people in business.

Cheap, simple, and effective!


  1. Great post, Rachel, and all this advice applies equally to freelance authors as well as to editors. I would add, network with others in the publishing business, whether they are writing, editing or promoting, and ask them to refer you to other writers. After all, every writer needs an editor.

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