Posted by: faultlessfinish | September 27, 2010

Events Galore!

Fall is in full, glorious swing once again, and I can definitely feel a shift in the energy of the publishing industry. There are so many great events for authors and editors to attend right now.

Last week, I attended a networking event at a local coffee shop hosted by the Editors’ Association of Canada and made several new connections. It’s so easy at these events to get stuck talking to one person and stay in that comfort zone, but that’s not the point of attending. I chatted with the event coordinator about ways to get people mingling more during these evenings. I think having a person designated to lead the discussion might be effective. It may be somewhat forced, but I think it could spark some great conversation. Many freelance editors tend to be shy and are accustomed to working alone, so I think more casual coffee shops nights are necessary! Plus, the coffee shop this particular event was held at served wine. Enough said. Check out Higher Ground in Kenzington.

This week, the Calgary Association of Freelance Editors is hosting an event in Eau Claire. An expert on utilizing social media is giving a presentation for editors. As I think I’ve mentioned before, even as a young editor I still have issues using social media for business, so I’m really looking forward to this talk.

Then of course there’s WordFest, which runs in Calgary from October 12-17th. There will be a multitude of literary events to check out.

The point I’m trying to make is, there are so many events going on in Calgary – you just have to look. It’s so vital to constantly meet new people and have new experiences in order to grow your business.

Happy Fall! Looking forward to walking through the leaves today 🙂

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