Posted by: faultlessfinish | September 13, 2010

Using Loneliness to Your Advantage

Every once in awhile, like on rainy days like today when my roommate is at work and I’m faced with an entire day in the apartment by myself, I start to long for the days of working in an office. Then I take a deep breath, slap myself across the face, and remind myself of all the reasons I’m a freelancer.

Working from home does get rather lonely, and there are definite advantages to going into an office and interacting with colleagues on a regular basis. However, the loneliness that working from home sometimes inspires can prompt great networking opportunities. I have made it my mission to check out a couple new coffee shops around the city every week. Last week, I found a small but lively place called the Oolong Teahouse, in Kenzington. I basically had the place to myself for a couple of hours in the morning, but before I knew it, the place was packed with freelancers and students, and the vibe was friendly and outgoing.

There were multiple opportunities to talk to the people around me and network, and I definitely did not feel lonely. As a freelancer, there are so many chances to meet new people everyday. Often in an office environment, there are people who bring you down or have negative attitudes, and you have no choice but to interact with them. So get out there and network like crazy – and maybe you’ll find the best cup of coffee, or the best panini – mmmm, the veggie panini at Oolong – in town in the process.

Happy Monday!

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