Posted by: faultlessfinish | August 30, 2010

New Year, Fresh Start

Ah September! So many possibilities…

I’ve always thought of September as the beginning of a new year. I blame it on my many years spent in school. Sometimes I still feel like a student – I work from home, set my own hours, and always have the next assignment on my mind! My roommate is a school teacher and today is her first day back at work so the apartment is quiet again – no excuses to procrastinate!

The new school year is not the only change I feel right now though. September is all about saying goodbye to summer. For me this means saying goodbye to any personal dramas (which seem to abound in the summer for some reason) and negative attitudes and streamlining my life toward the goal of business building. It’s much easier to stay focused when I don’t see hordes of people floating down the river in the hot sun and when people aren’t calling me to go sit on patios or engage in other fun summer activities.

Authors seem to be feeling the shift too. I’ve had several potential clients make contact in the past week, and I’m fully ready to devote my energy to them. The new chill in the air doesn’t depress me, it revives me! Although I would not be opposed to just a few more hot Calgary summer days….please??

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