Posted by: faultlessfinish | August 16, 2010

The Right Attitude

I’ve always been skeptical about new age philosophies; however, in the past few years, I’ve truly come to understand the power of the right attitude and positive thinking.  I’ve especially noticed the benefits of this thinking in my freelance business.

Early last week, I was coming to the end of a big project. I had had a few potential clients contact me this earlier this month, but nothing was set in stone. So naturally, I started to worry about when I would get my next project and if I would have to go through weeks of marketing without work. I recognized the negativity in my thinking though, and tried to let it go. I reread my goals–one of them was to solidify another project for September–and adjusted my thinking: the right project will come along when I need it.

Sure enough, the morning of the day I finished my big project, I received a phone call from a local business woman who needed an editor immediately. The new project will look great in my portfolio and is just the type of work I’m interested in. I firmly believe that if you do the work, set yourself up for opportunities properly, and have a positive attitude, your business will be a success.

Happy Monday!

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