Posted by: faultlessfinish | May 10, 2010

Finishing the First Project

I have officially finished my first project as a freelancer and it feels great! The top three things I’ve learned so far are as follows: first, make sure you charge what you are worth; second, make sure you take the time to accurately estimate how many hours a project will take; third, have confidence in your skills and abilities, but be diligent about checking reference books and querying the author when issues arise that you aren’t sure about.

Because I’m a new freelance editor and my main focus right now is making connections not money, I massively underestimated how much time the project would take me, in order to get the client. If I had to do this first project again I wouldn’t quote any differently, but for upcoming projects I will definitely make sure to provide a more accurate estimate. Even though I’m new, I still have a lot to offer a client and will no longer sell myself that short.  And now I have that little bit of extra experience under my belt. 😉

I’m meeting with another potential client this week and am looking forward to starting a new project!

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